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Schedule 80 310 SS Seamless Pipe 6Meter

310 stainless steel is austenitic alloy steel. 310 SS combines excellent high temperatures with good ductility and weldability. 310 SS can be used for intermittent service at temperature up to 1040°C.

Bebon is a reliable supplier of 310 SS seamless pipes in China. We offer Schedule 80 310 SS seamless pipe 6 meter with technique inspection and testing service. Schedule 80 310 SS seamless pipes 6 meter are available in stock.
Corrosion Resistance of 310 SS Steel Pipe:
The high chromium content is intended to increase high temperature properties and also gives 310 SS pipe good aqueous corrosion resistance. The PRE is approximately 25, and seawater resistance about 22°C, similar to that of grade 316. Excellent resistance at normal temperature, and when in high temperature service exhibits good resistance to oxidizing and carburizing atmospheres. Resists fuming nitric acid at room temperature and fused nitrates up to 425°C.
Heat Treat of 310 SS Steel Pipe:
Solution treatment (annealing)- heat to 1040-1150°C and cool rapidly for maximum corrosion resistance. This treatment is also recommended to restore ductility after each 100 hours of service above 650°C, due to long term precipitation of brittle sigma phase. This alloy can not be hardened by thermal treatment.
Stainless Steel 310 Steel Pipe Specification:
Seamless Pipe Diameter Size: ½ in. NB to 24 in. NB
ERW Pipe Diameter Size: ½ in. NB to 24 in. NB
EFW Pipe Diameter Size: 6 in. NB to 36 in. NB
Wall Thickness: Schedule 5S- Schedule XXS

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