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How to Pack Stainless Steel Pipes?

Nowadays, stainless steel pipes are hot selling in the steel market. Large quantity of stainless steel pipes are demanded in building and construction fields. So, do you know how to pack stainless steel pipes in order to protect them during transportation?
In general, Stainless steel pipe is used to bundle into a bundle of packaging delivery. Each bundle shall be the same number of steel tubes. Each bundle should not exceed 5 tons. The outer diameter of the steel tube with a diameter greater than 159mm or the section circumference greater than 500mm can be delivered in bulk. After the agreement between the two sides of the supply and demand, the weight of each bundle of steel can be more than 5 tons, but also small package delivery. The application of the steel strip or wire bundle into a bundle of seamless steel tube is firm; the number of the bound road shall be in accordance with the regulations. Into a bundle of steel tube end should be placed neatly. The short length of the steel tube should be packed separately in the package delivery. Length of delivery of the length of the steel pipe, the length of the non fixed length of the tube to the length of the tube should be individually bundled package.
At one end of each of the vehicles, a pipe joint shall be screwed, and the thread and the machined surface of the steel pipe and its pipe joints shall be coated with a rust proof oil or other rust preventing agent. At the end of the tube and the inner head screw on retaining wire ring. According to the requirement of seamless steel tube ends with plastic protective sleeve. Polished steel pipe, surface roughness requirements of the steel pipe, inside and outside the surface should be coated with anti rust oil, and then use a damp proof paper or plastic cloth, in turn, wire or steel tape. According to the requirements of the buyer, the stainless steel pipe surface can be coated with protective layer and protection layer shall be of corrosion resistant material, and to consider ease of coating and easy to remove.
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