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High Alloy Steel 904L Pipes

Specifications: ASTM A/ASME SA 269/677
Seamless Pipes Sizes: 1/2" NB - 8" NB
ERW Pipes Sizes: 1/2" NB - 24" NB
904L Pipes Wall Thickness available:
Schedule 5S - Schedule XXS (heavier on request)
904L is a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel with low carbon content. The steel is developed to resist corrosion in dilute sulphuric acid and it is suitable to use in details placed in severe corrosion environments e.g. sulphuric acid tanks. It also has good resistance against crevice corrosion, pitting corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and intercrystalline corrosion.
High alloy steel 904L is intended for use under severe corrosive conditions. It has been application proved over many years and was originally developed to resist corrosion in dilute sulfuric acid. It is standardized and approved for pressure vessel use in several countries. Structurally, 904L is fully austenitic and is less sensitive to precipitation ferrite and sigma phases than conventional austenitic grades with high molybdenum content. Characteristically, due to the combination of relatively high contents of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and copper 904L has good resistance to general corrosion, particularly in sulfuric and phosphoric conditions.
Bebon is able to manufacture and export high alloy steel 904L pipes. Welcome to visit our factory. Our high alloy steel 904L pipes can used in typical application areas like:
Marine environment
Chemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Food industry

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