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Alloy 4130 Export to India

Alloy 4130 is hot selling. We are specialized in exporting Alloy 4130 to India. Alloy 4130 steel bar is available in round, square and flat shapes.
4130 steel is a low alloy steel material that contains chromium and molybdenum to provide superior strength and mechanical properties. The physical properties of 4130 steel rely upon its chemical composition and microstructure. The latter can be altered depending on the forming process. The superior physical properties of 4130 special steel make it suitable for aerospace structural applications.
The physical properties of 4130 steel derive from its chemical composition. This grade of steel includes about 0.30 percent carbon, making it a low carbon alloy. The superior mechanical properties of the material derive from the addition of chromium and molybdenum ions. About 1.0 percent chromium and 0.20 percent molybdenum are used in 4130 steel. Other chemical ions such as manganese and silicon are present as well. Sulfur and phosphorous impurities must be kept to less than 0.04 percent to avoid compromising the physical properties of 4130 steel.
Different forming methods can alter the physical properties of 4130 special steel. Forming is typically conducted at elevated temperatures at which this alloy exhibits improved ductility. Improper forming can lead to significant embrittlement of the material. The existence of internal strains lowers the strength, hardness and toughness of the material, reducing its scope of suitable applications.
4130 steel is typically used for structural applications. This special steel finds many uses in the aviation industry due to its good strength, ductility and corrosion resistance. This steel also exhibits excellent toughness and elongation, which are useful in the fabrication of critical aerospace parts such as fuselage safety cages. The physical properties of 4130 steel do not alter with time. A lack of aging effect makes 4130 steel a natural choice for applications where dependability is essential, such as in the manufacture of airplane components.
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