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Supplier of 1.4541 Stainless Steel Sheets 5mm Thick

1.4541 stainless steel sheets 5mm thick are hot selling. Bebon is a professional supplier of 1.4541 stainless steel sheets 5mm thick in China. We can offer 1.4541 stainless steel plates, 1.4541 stainless steel sheets and 1.4541 stainless steel strips in coils. Welcome to inquiry.
1.4541 (Grade 321) stainless steel sheets 5mm thick is a heat resistant grade supplied into numerous industry sectors. The key property of this grade is the added titanium content (5 x C%) stabilising the material and making its resistance to carbide precipitation when exposed to high temperatures and resistance to oxidation its main characteristics. Whilst retaining good strength and corrosion resistance when exposed to high temperatures, this grade of stainless steel like most austenitic grades will also maintain its strength and toughness at sub-zero temperatures, making this an excellent choice for various applications ranging from oil refinery equipment to automotive exhaust systems. This heat resistant grade of stainless steel has a maximum dry air service temperature of 850ºC.
1.4541 stainless steel sheets have excellent corrosion resistance at normal temperatures but is primarily designed to perform at elevated temperatures. The added titanium content of minimum five times the carbon % content (max 0.7%) means that it also possesses good creep strength, good resistance to chromium carbide precipitation and is very resistant to oxidation and intergranular corrosion up to 850ºC in dry air service conditions. Other corrosive compounds in the hot atmosphere such as water and sulphur compounds will significantly reduce the maximum service temperature. The overall characteristics of this material make it an excellent, relatively low cost choice for many applications.
Bebon will be your best choice for 1.4541 stainless steel sheets 5mm thick.

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