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In Which Environment will Stainless Steel Corrode?

Do you know in which environment the stainless steel will corrode? The following is detail for stainless steel corrosion.

The first is atmospheric corrosion, also the most severe. Atmospheric corrosion of stainless steel products reflects pollution and contaminants in chloride erosion for stainless steel products.
Second is fresh water. This corrosion is mainly decided by pH of the water, the oxygen content of water and scale bias of water.
Third, it is acidic water. Acidic water refers to the polluted water from contaminated ore and coal leaching precipitation. Acidic water contains large amount ferric sulfate, which is highly corrosive to stainless steel.
The fourth corrosive environment is saline water. This kind of corrosion cause pitting in stainless steel products. Saline water can damage the surface passivation film of stainless steel.
Next is the soil. Soil also can cause corrosion because the atmosphere surrounding soil and the buried metal in the soil may react chemically.
The last one is nitrate. Nitrate has high corrosion for stainless steel material.

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