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S39277 Duplex Stainless Steel Factory Direct Price

Bebon is a manufacturer of S39277 duplex stainless steel in China. We have our factory and warehouse to produce and stock S39277 duplex stainless steel. Welcome to inquiry.

S39277 is a duplex stainless steel material. It has good corrosion resistance. S39277 stainless steel and low carbon content, Carbon is less than 0.03%. S39277 main alloying element in stainless steel is Cr because the Cr content is higher, so has good corrosion resistance. In addition to C and Cr, S39277 stainless steel also contains Ni, Ti, Mn, N, Nb and other elements.
S39277 stainless steel Mechanical properties:

Tensile strengthσb (MPa)

yield strength (MPa)

elongationδ5 (%)

Reduction of areaψ (%)






≤187HB ≤90HRB

S39277 duplex stainless steel application field:
S39277 stainless steel won't produce corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear and tear. Stainless steel or building one of the highest strength of metal materials in the material. Because the stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it can make structure parts permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design. Chromium stainless steel also has high mechanical strength and extensibility, easy processing and manufacturing of parts and can meet the needs of architects and structural designers.
We can offer S39277 duplex stainless steel factory direct price and relative certificates. Bebon will be your good partner.

quality control system

As a service oriented enterprises, Bebon has more strict requirements for quality than mill. The core of our service is best quality. In order to give better service to our customer and build the brand of Bebon, Our Bebon have made a scientific quality management system.

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