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Stainless Steel SUS304N1, Stainless Steel SUS304N1 Processing

Bebon is a leading stainless steel SUS304N1 supplier in China. We can supply you SUS304N1 stainless steel plate and SUS304 stainless steel pipe constantly. Besides, we have stainless steel SUS304N1warehouses in Tianjin, Zhengzhou and Shanghai.

JIS SUS304N1 Stainless Steel Features:
Stainless steel SUS304N1 is non-magnetic in nature. Stainless steel SUS304N1 has good ductility, stress corrosion resistance property and high strength.
SUS304N1 Stainless Steel Sheet Dimension:
Thickness: 0.8mm-10mm
Width: 500mm-2500mm
Length: 1000mm-8000mm
SUS304N1 Stainless Steel Applications:
Stainless steel SUS304N1 is commonly used for decoration construction, household goods, boilers, medical equipment, heat exchangers, chemical, food industry and agriculture.
Bebon has specialized in stainless steel SUS304N1 processing for years. For JIS SUS304N1 stainless steel pipe, please send your US304N1 stainless steel specification to us. We will offer the most preferential price of SUS304N1 stainless steel to you.
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