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409 stainless steel Composition,409 stainless steel Mechanical Properties

Type 409 (UNS S40900) is a ferritic stainless steel that has a good combination of heat resistance and corrosion resistance. This alloy also achieves good ductility and is used in some deep drawing applications.

409 stainless steel rolled coil is used in several applications, and is particularly prevalent in the automotive industry.

The Type 1 hot dip aluminum coating (approximately 91% aluminum and 9% silicon) is metallurgically bonded to the 409 Aluminized Stainless Steel substrate to provide excellent resistance to pitting from muffler condensate and road salt. It provides red rust protection up to 800oF and oxidation resistance to 1550oF. The aluminum coating improves the appearance and significantly extends the life of the exhaust system over that of bare stainless. The product can be welded and easily fabricated into exhaust components. Refer to the Type 409 datasheet for base metal composition and properties.

409 stainless steel Composition
Carbon .03 Max
Manganese 1.00 Max
Phosphorus .04 Max
Sulfur .02 Max
Silicon 1.00 Max
Chromium 10.50 - 11.70
Nickel .50 Max
Nitrogen .03 Max

409 stainless steel Mechanical Properties
UTS 55,000 ksi Min
Elongation % in 2" 20.00 Min
Rockwell Hardness
RB88.00 Max

Forming: Type 409 has great ductility and is suitable for use in deep draw applications. It is also easily formable.

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