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403 stainless steel ,403 stainless steel Workability

Grade 403 stainless steel is used in turbine parts and compressor blades.
403 stainless steel offers reasonable corrosion resistance and high mechanical characteristics. AISI403 offers heat resistance and a scaling temperature of about 1300°F (704°C).

403 stainless steel chemical compositon
C0.12% Si 0.75% Mn 1.00% P 0.040% S 030% Ni 0.60% Cr 16.00~18.00%

403 stainless steel Workability
May be cold worked
Easily drop or hammer forged
Preheat 2x as long as carbon steel
Preheat to 1400° to 1450°F (760° to 788°C), then rapid heat to 2050° to 2150°F (1121° to 1177°C)
Reheat once temperature drops to 1450° to 1600°F (788° to 871°C)
Bury in dry lime or ash to slow cool

construction machine building container manufaturing shipbuilding bridges and so on

403 stainless steel Parking
interlayer paper kraft paper wooden packing or as your requirement

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