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420 stainless steel Surface,420 stainless steel supplier

Stainless Type 420 is a hardenable 12% chrome steel with higher strength and hardness and better wear resistance than Type 410 Stainless .

420 stainless steel has been used for cutlery, surgical and dental instruments, scissors, tempered rules, tapes and straight edges, gauges, needle valves, ball check valves, gears, shafts, cams, pivots, ball bearings, magnets, etc. It also has found uses at moderately elevated temperatures-such as springs, valve parts, etc. It should not be used for springs or heavily stressed parts that must operate at sub-zero temperatures.

420 stainless steel Surface : Bright Finish, Black Finish, Grinding Finishe, Roughing Finish.

Technology : Hot rolled or Cold rolled

420 stainless steel Technical Data:According to the customer's requirement of Chemical Composition, Physical Properties and Mechanical Testing

420 stainless steel Applications:
Stainless Steel Cold Sheet applies to construction field,ships building industry,petroleum and chemical industries,war and electricity industries,food processing and medical industry,boiler heat exchanger,machinery and hardware fields

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