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201 stainless steel Chemical ,201 stainless steel spot

201 stainless steel sheet is a stronger stainless alloy than T304 due to a compound that includes half the nickel and increased manganese and nitrogen. It exhibits the most of the same properties as the other stainless alloys, but is not as ductile or formable. Due to its lower nickel content, 201 offers a lower cost alternative to Cr-Ni austenitic stainless steels such as T304 sheet.

201 stainless steel sheet is used for stamped and machined products including appliances, kitchen and foodservice equipment, sinks, cookware, railway cars, tractor trailers and automotive trim.

201 stainless steel Chemical Elements(%):
C 0.1; Ni 1.2; Mn 8.50-10.00; Cr 13.00-16.00

201 stainless steel Mechanical Capacity:
Tensile Strength: 700 up; Internal Stress: 305 up;
Coefficient of extension (%): 40 up

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